Supplier Code of Conduct
Over the last year, The City of Calgary (“The City”) Supply Management business unit has been working to update and consolidate its existing Procurement Policies to ensure alignment with:

-New and updated trade agreements; 
-Public procurement law; 
-City Auditor recommendations; and
-Council and Corporate direction. 

A new Procurement Policy, which is scheduled to be released later this year, has consolidated 17 existing Administration Policies into a single policy.  This Policy will govern how Administration manages their Procurement's with a strong focus on compliance with governance requirements both internal and external to The City, as well as enabling Procurement to be a strategic lever for the Corporation to work with our suppliers to deliver the best possible value and outcomes for citizen investment. 

A key piece of this project will be a new Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”).  This Code will capture and clarify existing City policies, practices and expectations that apply to our suppliers whom support us with technology, products, construction, consulting and other municipal services.  This Code aligns and is supported by The City’s internal Human Resources Code of Conduct which includes Respectful Workplace, Conflict of Interest, and defines best practices in the field of Public Procurement in Canada.  

The majority of expectations and information in this Code will not be new to our business community or our existing suppliers; we are taking existing rules and regulations and producing one simple, clear document to ensure The City is in compliance with Public Procurement laws, City Policies and Trade Agreements in its delivery of fair, open, transparent and ethical procurement. It is The City’s current and potential Suppliers who personify behaviours, actions and values that provide best possible value and outcomes for citizens of Calgary. 

We are asking for your input regarding how we can be more intentional in clarifying roles, responsibilities, expectations and consequences. Please share your thoughts with us. 

We will have the engagement questionnaire open from March 11 – May 5th , 2020.
Thank you for your participation.